First Fifty

This is a list of my First Fifty readers.  
Watch the list grow as I get feedback from each of them.   
First Fifty: Please know you are very important to me as The Arts-Angels series takes off.  I am very grateful to you all.

1. Brice C., New York.

2. Anna G., New York

3. Maddy H., California

4. Anna C., Connecticut

5. Sophia Angelica R., New York

6. Pippa K., New York

7. McKenna F., The Netherlands

8. Laura M., Missouri

9. Anika B., Massachusetts

10. Ana Maria S., New York

11. Keeley B., Washington

12. Marla-May G., Germany

13. Emily R., Texas

14. Sam B., New Jersey

15. Stella B., New Jersey

16. Pilar D., New York

17. Siena B., Great Britain

18. Anna Sophia H., New York

19. Kira L., Washington

20. Clara M., Missouri

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