Meet the Band

Gina Santiago
Lead Guitarist
Major: Art

The creator and leader of the band,  Gina Santiago doesn't let anyone stand between her and her right to rock!  

She lives with her single mom in a walk-up in New York City. They are
friends one minute, mortal enemies the next.     

She has crushes on both Adam Wollinsky, her band’s brooding drummer, and Craig Hall, the heartthrob lead singer.  Her best friends are bass player Douglas Sharma, who is as obsessed with making something of the Arts-Angels as she is, and keyboardist Sage Harket, the only other girl in the band. 

Adam Wollinsky
Major: Drama

Adam’s mother died in a car accident. Because of his loss, Adam feels a kinship with Gina: she knows what it’s like to lose a parent. But while Gina never got to know her father, Adam was twelve when the accident happened.

He began to take drama classes on the advice of his counselor, who thought it would help him work through his grief.

His father owns a music store in Manhattan where the Arts-Angels end up rehearsing in the basement.



Major: Dance

A graceful and thoughtful blonde, Sage identifies as both a dancer and keyboardist.  When she was little and her parents were divorcing, they each tried to win her over by paying for her piano and ballet lessons.  She took both subjects to please both parents.  Now she can’t stop developing either talent because to quit would feel like a rejection of one of them.

She is nurturing towards the other Arts-Angels, and as someone who tried to keep the peace at home, she can be a “sage” advice-giver to the others. 

Douglas Sharma

Bass Player

Major: Dance


Douglas has an enthusiastic, driven personality with a mind for business that makes him more like his father than he cares to admit.

He both loves and fears his father, a billionaire businessman who often flies back and forth between India, England, and the United States.

His mother is a dancer, choreographer, and glamorous, Bollywood-type, twenty years her husband’s junior.

Possessing talents that both his parents also have, the only thing he has that is "his" alone is his music with the Arts-Angels.

Craig Hall
Lead Singer
Major:  Voice

Both hot and humble, Craig is the star of the band.  He made the girls swoon before he was even in the band. 

Although handsome and popular, he's rather shy and seems to come out of his shell most when singing.  He reveals more about why he is this way in Track 2.

His parents co-own and run a diner near the school that the Arts-Angels frequent.

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